How To Become A Member

Aim of the Membership Process

The aim of the membership process is to ensure that applicants have the information they need to decide whether they are interested in living in the Co-op, the Co-op has the information it needs to assess whether an applicant is suitable for membership and to ensure that all applicants are evaluated fairly and equally within the Co-op’s membership criteria.

Application Requirements

Each applicant must submit a completed application, filled in and signed by all adult household members (16 years and older).

Review of Credit History, Income and Previous Tenancy

Credit and income checks and landlord checks will be conducted on all applicants in accordance with procedures established and approved by the Board.

Establishing Priority on the Waiting List

The record date for determining an applicant’s place on the Waiting List will be the date when a completed application form is received from the applicants.

Information Exchange Meetings

Information Exchange Meetings will be conducted in accordance with procedures approved by the Board. No unit will be allocated until all members of a household 16 years and over have been in attendance at such a meeting, unless the Board otherwise provides.

Membership Recommendations

The Membership Committee will conduct interviews and will then make a recommendation to the Board, to accept or reject an applicant in accordance with the membership criteria.

Decision by the Board of Directors

The decision of whether or not to admit an applicant as a member of the Co-op will be made by the Board. The approved applicant does not become a member of the Co-op until he or she moves into the Co-op.The office co-ordinator will inform each applicant as to whether they have been approved or not in the form of a letter.

Application Form

Housing Charges

2 Bedroom

$929.00 monthly

plus utilities

3 Bedroom

$1,039.00 monthly

plus utilities

4 Bedroom

$1,073.00 monthly

plus utilities